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The benefits of selecting a clean energy solution from White Raven Research (WRR) encompasses many aspects of your business including reducing operating expenses, augmented public awareness and increased tax benefits.  Here we outline some of the key benefits that the solar and small wind renewable energy technology (RE) offered by our company can deliver to you, the Owner.

The Composite Energy Approach™ from WRR harnesses both solar and wind energy and..

  • Increases Public Awareness of the Owner’s Commitment to green production facilities and methodologies
  • Helps to Save Money by benefiting from reduced electricity costs from traditional sources. Additionally, the Owner can benefit from clean technology tax credits
  • Provides for the Efficient Use of Existing Structures to ensure a comparatively low installation cost by focusing on the project areas that are ideally suited for our RE equipment
  • Enables the Owner to be a Role Model for the community with visible RE elements that proclaim how the Owner is committed to green solutions
  • Reduces Energy Costs by converting solar and wind energy for industrial production purposes
  • Builds Customer Loyalty by demonstrating green technology for both public and industry customers who show an affinity towards environmentally conscious businesses and partners
  • Increases Partnerships with industry members and associations who increasing want to learn from the Owner’s green experience and leadership
  • Allows the Owner to Stay Ahead of the Curve by utilizing advanced clean technology from WRR. This helps the Owner to optimize their facility space with the lowest total cost of ownership for deploying renewable energy equipment

White Raven Research is an accredited testing facility specializing in engineering, modeling ,prototyping and third party verification of new technologies and new applications of existing technologies.

We have on staff, professional engineers of all disciplines, as well as computer assisted design and modeling professionals.

Our fabrication shops in Nevada and California have an excellent reputation for timely delivery and attention to client specifications.

White Raven laboratories, their research test sites in Nevada, Arizona, Utah, and North Dakota are wholly owned and funded by Tim Puetz – Reliable Steel of Las Vegas Nevada   and  K. Dale Crowe – GTR technology of Irvine California.

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